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Shabbat Schedule

Parashat Ki Tisa

Friday March 5th:
Minha- 5:35pm
Shir Hashirim- 5:50pm
Kabbalat Shabbat-6:00pm
Following Arbit, Rabbi Farhi will speak upstairs, and Rabbi Cohen will give a class downstairs. 


Shabbat March 6th:
6:45 am- First Minyan (TC)
8:15am- Main Minyan (Main UL)
Followed by classes with Rabbi Farhi (UL) and Rabbi Cohen (LL)
8:45am- 3rd Minyan (Main LL) 
8:45am- Youth Minyan 
9:15am- High School & College Minyan (TC-UL)


Shabbat Afternoon:

4:30 pm- Minha followed by speech with Rabbi Farhi (Main UL) and Rabbi Yohai (Main LL) during Seuda Shelisheet.
4:30pm Minha High School with Learning one hour before (TC 2nd Floor) 
4:30pm- Minha for Youth with R Mosseri        
5:30 pm- Arbit
5:47 pm- Habdala

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