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Born in Ramat Gan, Rav Yohai spent most of his childhood years in Bnei Brak & Jerusalem. He learned in Yeshivat Kisseh Rahamim under the leadership of Harav Mazuz, Nachalat Yosef in Jerusalem & Yagel Avraham located in Katamon. There he received from Rav Avram Krispin smicha. From the age of sixteen Rav Yohai started pursuing his cantoriol & singing career. He learned & studied Arabic music from big cantor’s and musicians. Three years later he reached New Rochelle and served as a Cantor in the Magen David synagogue. He than married Esti Mizrachi from Brooklyn N.Y. and they have four beautiful children Benny, Shirelle, Avital & Rafael. In N.Y. he received smicha for kiddushin and studied in the Sephardic Rabbinical College for two years. Rav Yohai serves as a Cantor and Associate Rabbi in congregation Shaare Shalom for the past eight years. He is a loving and dedicated teacher in Barkai Yeshiva. He teaches teamim, pizmonim, laws & traditions and researches communities throughout the world


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