Dear Congregants,

         We would like to welcome

Rabbi Sonny Shalom to Shaare Shalom.

Rabbi Shalom will be leading our college and young professionals minyan. 

         Rabbi Sonny Shalom has been teaching the 12th grade at YDE High School for the past 6 years. He frequently lectures and gives classes under Kesher for college boys on and off campus. Over the last 8 years Rabbi Shalom realized the need to make Torah accessible for businessmen at their office and was in involved in spearheading the Shaare Zion City Learning program. With Hashem's help, Rabbi Shalom is looking forward to connecting with the young adults and use his passion and excitement for Torah to inspire and connect them with Hashem and Torah.  

         We welcome him to our shul family and look forward to having him inspire and connect with our Kahal. 


                     Rabbi Eliahu Farhi
Rosh Kehila



Shabbat Schedule

Parashat Noah

Friday January 29th:
Minha- 4:50pm
Shir Hashirim- 5:05pm
Kabbalat Shabbat-5:15pm
Following Arbit, Rabbi Farhi will speak upstairs, and Rabbi Cohen will give a class downstairs. 


Shabbat January 30th:

Note- the High School and College Minyanim will combine this week.
6:45 am- First Minyan (TC) 
8:15am- Main Minyan (Main UL)  
              Followed by classes with Rabbi Farhi (UL) and Rabbi Cohen (LL)
8:45am- 3rd Minyan (Main LL) 
8:45am- Youth Minyan 
9:15am- High School & College Minyan (TC-UL)

Shabbat Afternoon:

4:30 pm- Minha followed by speech with Rabbi Farhi (Main UL) and Rabbi Yohai (Main LL) during Seuda Shelisheet.
4:30pm Minha High School with Learning one hour before (TC 2nd Floor) 
4:30pm- Minha for Youth with R Mosseri        
5:30 pm- Arbit
5:47 pm- Habdala

(Minyanim will begin in the main building, with more opening to meet demand.If a room is closed see any committee member for seating.)

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